Algeria has huge tourist potentialities and occupies a special place on the world tourist market, a tourist guide editor pointed out. "We possess a large experience that is recognized all over the world and which allows us to face anyone who thinks that Algeria is not a secure country, our country offers multiple destinations and have large potentialities to enjoy a special place on the world tourist market," editor of tourist guide "Petit Fute, Jean-Paul Labourdette told APS. During the presentation, at the Arab World Institute (IMA), of the new Country-Guide that is devoted to Algeria and which is put for sell in France, Labourdette added this issue "is the fruit of co-ordinate efforts."

"There is not any similar manual devoted to Algeria since 35 years," Labourdette declared, co-founder of the "Petit Fute, concluded "this country is a special destination which is worth having, especially for the travelers. The absence of such books is rather strange, considering the growing interest raised in France for Algeria: its political situation, cultural life, literature and musical genres which are regularly put forward, in particular during Djazair 2003." The dust-jacket of this new issue is composed of 386 pages with a picture of Hoggar Mount in the background with a green strip to reflect the north of the country. The bottom of this manual presents picture of a smiling child. The preamble ends with a quotation of Malek Haddad saying "we never come to Algeria for the first time, and when leaving this country, it's a feeling that we will be back."




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