Standard time:

In Algeria, the Time is fixed at G.M.T + 1

Weekly Public holiday:

The weekly Public holiday is fixed at Thursday and Friday. However, certain administrations, the banking structure, the insurances as well as the telecommunications remain open Thursday.

Public holiday

1st January: New Year's Day
May 1: Labor Day
July 5: Celebration of independence and youth
November 1: Anniversary of the revolution

Religious holiday

Aid El Fitr: Rupture of the fast celebration.
Aid El Adha: Sacrifice
Awal Mouharem celebration: New Year's Day Hidjri
Achoura: 10th day of Moharem
Mawlid In Nabaoui Echarif: Anniversary of the birth of the prophet
Mohamed (peace be upon him)

Telephone services

Information: 19
Complaints: 18
telephoned Telegrams: 13


 · Alger 021
· Boumerdes - Tipaza 024
· Blida - Medea 025
· Tizi-Ouzou - Bouira 026
· Chlef - Djelfa Ain Defla 027
· Ghardaia - Tamanrasset - Illizi - Laghouat - Ouargla 029
· Constantine - Mila 031
· Oum El Bouaghi - Khenchela - El Oued 032
· Batna - Biskra 033
· Bejaïa - Jijel 034
· Bordj Bou Arreridj - M'ila 035
· Setif 036
· Guelma - Souk Ahras - Tebessa 037
· Annaba - Skikda - EL Tarf 038
· Oran 041
· Tlemcem - Aïn Temouchent 043
· Mostaganem - Mascara 045
· Tiaret - Relizane - Tissemsilt 046
· Sidi Bel Abbes - Skikda 048
· Bechar - Adrar - Tindouf Naama 049


 compose the 050/061-076 plus the 6 figures of the correspondent


The correspondent must compose 00 213 plus the area code, followed by the six (06) digits of the local call number.

ACCESS TO THE INTERNATIONAL NETWORK FROM ALGERIA (00+code of the country) List in pdf format


A valid passport is required.


Algeria applies the principle of the reciprocity as regards of visa. The visas are delivered by the diplomatic and consular representations or the Foreign missions to which Algeria entrusted its interests.


Upon The entry in Algeria, the traveler profits from the taxes exemption for, Personal effects and objects which include new articles or worn which the traveler need reasonably for his personal use during his trip, other than any goods imported at commercial purposes. Goods presented by the traveler and intended for his personal or family use when their value does not exceed 1.000 DA.


As regards tobaccos, alcohols and perfumes, the travelers entering in the custom's area, profit from the entry duty-free for the following quantities:

Tobaccos: 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 100 cigarillos.

Perfumes: 50 grams of perfume or 0,50 liter of eau de perfum.

Alcohols: 1 liter of alcohol or 2 liters of wine.


Arriving by air or by sea, the travelers not having goods to declare can take the green corridor which carries the sign "Nothing to declare".


The banknotes or other means of payment can be imported without limitation of any amount. However at the entry, the traveler must declare the banknotes, the means of payment as well as the jewels of gold, platinum and money, on a form of which a copy is preserved by the customs authorities.


Provided that they belong to the traveler and that they are in the course of use, are allowed of temporary exemption:

Personal clothing, machines and articles of sports such as 1 pair of skis, 2 rackets of tennis etc... a tent and usual objects of camp-site, a boat of pleasure of less than 5,5 m without engine, 2 cameras and 10 films, 1 musical instrument, 1 radio operator receiver, 1 record player and 10 discs, 1 tape recorder, 1 typewriter, a bicycle.


The cars, caravans, planes and boats are allowed of temporary exemption. A tourist card, valid for3 months, is delivered on arrival, by the customs office. The international card of insurance not being allowed, the subscription of an insurance border is obligatory.


The 1st operation, after the formalities of customs, will consist in making the exchange near thecounters of banks installed in the enclosures of arrival of the ports and the airports.

You have free to choose - during your stay - to proceed to several exchange transactions in the banks near the city. The important is that each time, they are mentioned in the form of declaration of currencies and that you preserve the receipts of exchange.

For the payments of your invoices relating to your stay, certain establishments (hotels, restaurants) accept the credit cards.


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