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ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune said Thursday that Algerian students and youths are the living force of today's Algeria, an Algeria strong in their awareness, their national commitment, their creative and innovative skills and their successes, hailing their high level of awareness of the requirements of the situation in the country and of global challenges.

"You are the living source of today's Algeria, an Algeria that is strong in your awareness, your national commitment, your creative and innovative capacities and your successes in terms of acquiring scientific knowledge and mastering modern technologies, said President Tebboune in a speech granted to students and young Algerians involved in voluntary and associative activities, and those working under the banner of national constitutional institutions (Higher Council of Youth and National Observatory of Civil Society), on the eve of the celebration of the 67th anniversary of the Student's Day.

"Together with you, we are going to build a new Algeria whose progress cannot be hindered by hostile parties who are trying to undermine the stability of our country and the cohesion and unity of its people," he said.

"We will move forward to achieve the strategic objectives of the nation and preserve its supreme interests, with our valiant, proud and dignified Algerian people as our bulwark, our spirited young people imbued with nationalism, of whom you are in the vanguard in the university establishments, builders of the present and builders of the future," he added.

The President of the Republic said that students "celebrate, with great pride, this glorious 67th anniversary, sharing with all young Algerians outside the universities, a high level of awareness of the requirements of the situation in the country and the global challenges."

They "are aware of the efforts depolyed to strengthen the rule of law as well as the foundations of governance and transparency at different levels of decision-making, but also to mobilise energies to achieve the expected objectives in terms of sustainable development."






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