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Geography & Climate Judicial system Economic and Financial system
History Instututions Algeria's economic and financial indicators
Population – Demography Foreign trade statistics Major Algerian products available for export
Natural resources Investment climate (PDF) Exibition program (PDF)
Political institutions

Investor's practical guide (PDF)

Banking sector Web site (relating invest. in Algeria)    

Journal officiel www.joradp.dz
Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry CACI www.caci.com.dz
Bank of Algeria www.bank-of-algeria.dz
National Centre of Trade Register www.cnrc.org.dz
General Office of Customs www.douane.gov.dz
General Office of Taxes www.mfdgi.gov.dz
National Office for Statistics www.ons.dz
Public Establishment of Town planning of the new city of Sidi Abdellah www.anpt.dz
ANSEJ National Agency for young people employment support www.ansej.org.dz
ALGEX National Agency for export promotion www.promex.dz

Bank of Algeria www.bank-of-algeria.dz
BADR Algerian Bank for Rural Development www.badr-bank.net
CPA Algerian Popular Credit www.cpa-bank.dz
BEA Exterior Bank of Algeria www.bea.dz
FGAR Guarantee Fund for SME www.fgar.dz
CAGEX Algerian Fund for exports www.cagex.dz

World Bank
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
European Union

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