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Situated on the south shore of the Mediterranean, Algeria, part of the Big Arab Maghreb, is the tenth largest country of the world, the second in Africa and the first in the Mediterranean region. With 1200 KM of Mediterranean coasts, it shares frontiers with Tunisia, Mali, Niger, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania and Occidental Sahara, and occupies an area of 2 381 741 km².

The official name “People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria” , with “Algiers” as its capital, it has been, since its independence, governed by eight heads of state, the last of whom, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, elected at universal suffrage in 1999.

The spoken languages in Algeria are the Arabic- national and official language- spoken by the majority of the population, the Tamazight, established as national language since 2002, the French, read and spoken fluently within the society and the English which starts to spread specially among the company and business community. The religion in Algeria is the sunnit Islam. Consecrated state’s religion by the constitution which provides as well the freedom of cult, it is practiced by the majority of the Algerian people, that is to say 99%, who remains very tolerant as regard the other religions.

Algeria is member of the United Nations Organization, of the African Union and the Arab League since almost its independence, in 1962, of the OPEC since 1969 and of the Union of the Arab Maghreb since 1989. It is also member of many other international and regional organizations.


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