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Novembre 2008


The Algerian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur informs the Algerian community that as part ofFacilitating measures to correct errors occurred in the civil status documents, that fromWednesday 22nd of June 2016, it is possible for all citizens living in Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand to make arrangement for correction of any errors occurred in any civil status document (birth, marriage and death) at the Algerian Embassy in Malaysia. This procedure will operate through the use of a new electronic system of rectification of the documents mentioned above. This process initiated at the Consular Service should help prevent Algerian citizens from travelling all the way to Algeria


The Algerian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, has the pleaser to inform Algerian citizens living in Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines that the Algerian Ministry of Finance has launched the operation of “National Loan for Economic Growth”, initiated by the Algerian government.

In this regard, the subscription to this loan has been opened, on 17 th April 2016, to the large public, including the Algerian community abroad, in order to contribute to the national effort for the economic development of Algeria for the coming years.

The conditions as well as the modalities of the loan’s issue are determined by the ministerial order of 28 th March 2016, published in the Official Journal n° 20 of 30 th March 2016 as follow:

  • The subscription is open to any person or corporation;
  • Three bonds embodying the loan are issued for either 3 years or 5 years, valued at 10 000 DA, 50 000 DA and 1000 000 DA, at the subscriber’s option;
  • The annual interest for the bonds issued for three years is at 5% and it is at 5.75% for those issued for 5 years;
  • Profits from the bonds are tax-exempt and payable every year at the anniversary date of their subscription;
  • The subscriber can either by himself or via a representative acquire bonds.
  • Selected outlets are the counters of banks, Algérie Poste, insurance companies and wilayate’s treasury.
  • The loan is issued in Algerian Dinar and the subscription shall be made in this currency.
  • The Maximum period of this subscription is 6 months. However, the subscription may be pronounced closed before this deadline taking into account the overall mobilized amount.

For more information you can download the Ministerial order of 28 th March 2016, published in Official Gazette n° 20 dated of 30th March 2016, determining the conditions and the modalities of the loan’s issue, through the following link: http://www.joradp.dz/HFR/Index.htm

Or browse the website of the Finance Ministry, through the following link:



In order to improve its services to members of the Algerian community, the Embassy brought to their attention that a register of grievances or remarks is available to them at the waiting room of the chancellery,

They can also communicate their grievances online to this email address: dz@algerianembassy.org.my


The Algerian embassy in Malaysia inform the Algerian citizens residing in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, that under the new provisions contained in Ordinance No. 05-01 dated 27-02-2005, amending and supplementing the Ordinance No. 70 - 86, 25-12-1970, Code of the Algerian nationality, any child born of an Algerian mother enjoys the Algerian nationality at birth, just as a child whose father is an Algerian.

As such, a child born of an Algerian mother and a foreign father benefit from the consular protection and any consular services, including registration and Algerian documentation (consular card, passport, national identity card etc...).


The Algerian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur , inform the Algerian nationals based in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines that pursuant to the Order No. 05/05 of 25 July 2005 finance law complementary to 2005, imports of Used cars less than three (03) years, is eliminated. The two-month period, which was set from July 26, 2005 to implement this provision has now expired, only now the import of new vehicles is allowed. The date of issue of a change of residence certificate may not, in this case, be an exception


The Algerian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur would like to inform all members of the Algerian community, putting in place an insurance product for repatriation of bodies by the company SAA (Société Algérienne d'Assurance), for Algerians living abroad. The opening of the subscription of the insurance network by the SAA in partnership with a foreign reinsurer will be as follows:

Subscription individual, collective or through associations
No age limit
Valid throughout the world
No medical
Amount of contribution per year per person: (25 Euros) convertible Algerian dinars 2500 .

Guaranteed benefits


Repatriation of the body from the place of death abroad until burial in Algeria
Providing a return ticket in economy class for the escort of the remains
No limit to the amount requested

Notice of fraud  

Brochures and information

The SAA website : www.saa.dz

Communiqué of repatriation of bodies



Registered members of the Algerian community in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines , as well as any foreign citizens who have resided in Algeria , may from now on obtain a copy of their judicial records (Casier Judiciaire No 3) from the Embassy.

To that end, applicants must provide the following:

• Birth certificate

• Valid ID

• Proof of residency in Algeria (for foreign nationals)

• Application form (fill up the form in capital letter) download

• Stamp fees are 7 USD for foreign National

Nationals not residing in Malaysia should allow a prepaid envelope for the return of their documents or pay the delivery fees by DHL plus bank commission Nationals are also free to choose any other delivery company.

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