Registration for the national service

National Service registration (Recensement) is compulsory and takes place at the age of 18. This procedure is automatically carried out by the Embassy for all Algerian nationals born in Malaysia,Thailand or the Philippines, as well as those who are registered at the Embassy.









However National Service can be deferred for the entire period of your studies. To do so, please provide the following documents:

Required documents for deferment:
1. One (1) Application Form
2. Four (04) Passport-sized photographs
3. Birth Certificate
4. Studies certificate for the current year.
5.Consular Card

Please note that to renew the national service deferment period you will need to provide the following documents instead:

1. One (1) Application Form
2. A copy of the deferment Card "Carte de Sursis"
3. Studies certificate for the current year
4.Consular Card
5.Two (2) recent passport-sized photographs

Notice: In order to avoid unnecessary delays, applications for deferment should be submitted to the Embassy at the beginning of each academic year


In 1999, His Excellency President Abdelaziz Bouteflika took important decisions to enable Algerian Nationals to regularise their National Service situation. People entitled to this scheme must be over the age of 22 born between November 02, 1959 and December 31, 1993 and have finished their studies.

Applications must be made to the Algerian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur accompanied by the following documents:

1. Application form
2. Original full birth certificate (copie integrale delivree par la commune de naissance)
3. Two (2) recent passport-sized photographs
4. copy of the residence permit
5. copy of the Consular card
6. valid school certificate for students
7. copy of the employment contract or certificate of employment for employees

Exemption of Algerian-French Nationals:
According to the Algerian-French Agreement on National Service dated 10/11/1983, Algerian Citizens who have French Nationality are exempted from National Service in Algeria on condition that they provide:
1. "Declaration d'option" issued by French Authorities
2. "Certificat des Services" or "Certificat de Situation" issued by French Authorities.


a). For medical reasons:

The applicant must constitute a complete medical file and undergo tests administered by the medical commission for military service aptitude.

If you are applying to be exempted from the National Service on the basis of a medical condition, please provide the following documents:

1. One (1) Application Form
2. Medical Certificates
3. X-rays (if any)
4. Results of specialized medical tests
5. Surgical operation protocol
6. Clinical resume of the illness
7. Hospitalisation certificates

b). For social reasons

Algerian nationals duly registered can apply for exemption from liability to National Service provided they satisfy certain criteria. They can, to this effect, make up a file to convey for examination to the Ministry of National Defense service dealing with the question.

The file must consist of the following documents:

  • A handwritten application addressed to the Ministry of National Defense under the authority of the Ambassador of Algeria to Malaysia
  • A record of civil status (individual)
  • Two(02) recent photograph of same print
  • A family record of civil status (for married people)
  • A record of divorce or separation where applicable
  • A proof of end of studies
  • Copies of achieved qualiications
  • The last three (03) pay slips or/and work contract or any other document certifying the exercise of a liberal profession
  • An attestation of non paid activity or any other proof of work incapacity
  • A family civil status record of the parents
  • The father's death certificate, if applicable
  • Married brothers family civil status record
  • A written proof of the brother's situation in connection with the National Service.
Incomplete files will not be taken into account and will be returned to the applicants.


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