About 30 km from Algiers, the new projected agglomeration at Sidi Abdallah offers the ideal site to make it possible to engage the new strategy which the coherent and controlled urbanization of the of Algiers area implies.

Without major agricultural constraints, this zone is well located compared to the infrastructures of transport and is at good distance like first urban relay of Algiers. This site extends on a surface of 1870 hectares through the urban perimeters from the agglomerations of Mahelma and Rahmania.

Equipped with four industrial parks which will be able to accommodate certain delocalization, resulting from Algiers, and especially to develop the advanced technologies, the agglomeration of Sidi Abdallah will become in the long term - 2020 - an economic and university pole likely to support the development of the Algiers Sahel and to take part to raise the prestige of the of Algiers metropolis.

It is thus a true city which is in projection with a University, scientific research centers, a large urban park of 150 ha and many equipment - Cyber Park, resource centre and futurology, National centers of durable development, edition centers and of publicity.

Invest at Sidi Abdallah

Located at 30 km in the Western South of Algiers, the new city of Sidi Abdallah consists of an economic development pole which has a very varied line of goods, intended for the collective habitat or grouped, to the trade, with the parks of activities, with the public and privet equipment, business districts, buildings of tourism….

The zone of activities of El Boustène (86ha), techno polis of science and research: will accommodate primarily the activities of data processing, electronics, communication, pharmacy and research and development;
The zone of activities of Sidi Bennour (51ha), tertiary sector and of services: located at the south of Mahelma and near the zone of priority habitat : 20.000 inhabitants by 2005: this zone will accommodate PME and will ensure a complement to the industrial parks of Blida, Ben Tamou, Beni Mered and will radiate on the back of Algiers: Mitidja, the Sahel and tourist zones of the Western littoral.
The zone of the large equipment of Western Mahelma (54 ha): this zone has the principal role to accommodate the company of great scale, National and international, activating in the sectors of health, the international trade, telecommunications, tourism and financial engineering. Established on an ideal, easy site of access starting from the Western motorway Algiers-Zeralda, which will be prolonged by the expressway which will connect the southern motorway and the towns of Blida and Boufarik
Cyber Park (94ha): like much of many countries in Europe, in America and Asia, which supported the development of New communication and information technologies, Algeria decided to carry out a technological pole Cyber Park established in Sidi Abdallah close to the university and the research centers. It will make it possible to gather the elite of the country, intellectuals, researchers, academics and innovators.

Zones of habitat (100 ha): various sites of habitat are studied to accommodate, in the short run, a program of approximately 1852 promotional residences

- City of medicine: 180 promotional residences

- Dstrict of Sidi Bennour: 205 multifamily apartments

- City of the researchers: 1200 residences

- Administrative District: 50 residences

- District El Menzah: 217 residences


The conditions of acquisition of the lands intended for the industrial projects and of real promotion will have imperatively to respect the provisions of the Schedule of conditions.

  1. Presentation by the purchaser of a request for land acquisition accompanied by a chart according to the form provided by the services of the EPA-ANSA.
  2. Analyze request by the services of the EPA-ANSA
  3. In the event of favorable opinion, invitation is made with the purchaser for possible Complementary of information and explanation of the procedure of transfer of the land (methods of payment, beginning of work etc….);
  4. Preparation by the services of the EPA-ANSA of the file of pre assignment and the payment orders;
  5. Confirmation and signature by the purchaser of the contract of service by the payment of the total amount of the price of the open area
  6. Development of the technical file by the services of the EPA-ANSA including

    - The topographical survey

    - The schedule of conditions (payment of zone)

    - Plans of situation and demarcation of the land

  7. Transmission with the notary of the lawful file
  8. Progressive payment by the purchaser of his quote share of the alteration work. A latest deadline for 30 days is granted for the payment;
  9. The non accepted files will be turned over to the applicants accompanied by the reasoned opinion of the services of the EPA-ANSA

The purchaser will discharge provisional delivery price of the land following the procedures and conditions hereafter:

A first payment of an installment of 50% of the provisional delivery price as son as the acceptance of the proposal of the land and approval by signature and initials of the contract of reservation, or the file of pre assignment and the particular clauses;

The 50% remainder will be payable in two sections: one of 30% according to the state of progress of the work of development, spreading out on 18 to approximately 24 months, and the remainder corresponding to 20% with the handing-over of the act of property.

The countable regularization will intervene when the final price is stopped and with the making of the instrument of transfer which will result in the refunding of too perceived or the payment of the remainder according to whether the final price would be lower or higher than the provisional delivery price.

In addition to the delivery price of the land, the purchaser will discharge related expenses to the transfer of property: expenses of act, delimitation of delivery of extracts of plans, etc….

1. Guide of the investor

2. Charter of the new agglomeration of Sidi Abdellah

3. Charter of the environment

4. Twenty principal rules of architecture

5. Schedule of conditions of the zones of activity

For any information, documentation, details and information contact:

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