El Djeich Magazine: President Tebboune calls on Algerians to close ranks to win battle for renewal 03/07/2022



ALGIERS-President of the Republic, commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of the National Defense Abdelmadjid Tebboune called on the Algerian people to close ranks and unify the internal front to win the battle for renewal.

On this glorious anniversary, during which we remember the heroic deeds of our predecessors  and celebrate the resistance and victories of our people, I call on the Algerian people in this crucial and decisive phase of our history to assemble, to close ranks and unify the internal front, to win the battle of the renewal that we are leading, to take up the challenges and materialize our aspirations and our objectives for a strong, proud and secure Algeria, as desired by our brave Chouhada (martyrs),” wrote President Tebboune in an editorial he signed in El Djeich magazine this month.

The Head of State also said he is convinced that the Algerian people, who were able to defeat one of the greatest colonial powers and to recover the national sovereignty, are today able to face all the challenges and to build the new Algeria”. 


60th anniversary of Independence: Rebiga urges Algerian youth to make Message of November Revolution their own 03/07/2022

ALGIERS-The Minister of Mujahedeen and Rights holders, Laid Rebiga called on Algerian youth to make their own the Message of 1 st November Revolution bequeathed by the Shouhadas (martyrs) and Mujahedeen (veterans), and to ensure its continuity and transmission to future generations.

In an interview with APS on the eve of the commemorative celebrations of the 60 th anniversary of Independence, Rebiga said that Algeria "experiences a succession of major events marked by the festivities commemorating independence and our liberation from colonialism.”

“These festivities are part of a special symbolism that the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune would like to promote to the height of the sacrifices of the Algerian people. Therefore, our youth are urged today to ensure the continuity of the oath of the shouhada and mujahedeen,” continued the minister.

He said that "the high authorities of the country, led by President Tebboune, seek to give a special symbolism to the commemorative celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Independence, to preserve the Message of the shouhada and mujahedeen among successive generations.

"The historical responsibility of the Algerian youth, who represent the majority of society, consists in ensuring the commitment of future generations to the values and principles of their forefathers and the sacrifices they made," he stated.

The minister stressed that "the program of festivities of this glorious anniversary has been developed and decided upon instructions from the President of the Republic so that young people attend and enjoy the celebration of this glorious date with pride and dignity.”

A digital platform on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Independence

As part of the promotion of national memory and the writing of history and its teaching to younger generations, Rebiga said that his department had developed "an important project on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Independence.”

“This initiative has been undertaken by a committee under the supervision of the Prime Minister who personally ensures its success as it reflects the reality of Algeria,” affirmed the minister.

The content of this platform to be launched on July 5 fits perfectly with the slogan adopted for the celebration of the anniversary of Algeria's independence (A glorious history and a new era), he said.

The first part (A glorious history) highlights "the depth of Algerian civilization from the prehistoric period until today, as well as the military history of Algeria, its culture, its arts and everything that concerns this great country.

As for the second component, "A new era," it focuses on "the achievements of all ministerial sectors during the 60 years of independence, in addition to the monitoring of all activities related to these sectors that support the implementation of the programs outlined for the celebrations of the 60th anniversary for one year," he said.

The minister said it was possible to access the platform's content that highlight the history of Algeria and the struggles of its people through 132 years of colonialism via new information and communication technologies.

He referred, in this regard, to the approaches aimed at "documenting national memory and referencing its various events through the achievement of a qualitative leap in the exploitation of direct testimony on the liberation war, being a living historical source and an academic and scientific reference," he said.

"it is necessary to give a scientific character to these testimonies, which amount to more than 36,000 testimonies, and to classify them according to scientific mechanisms to be stored and then used by historians via a digital platform," added Rebiga.

The minister also expressed his sector's commitment to " to develop a historical discourse derived from the national historical school ." "Efforts were focused on the correction of historical concepts that some seek to distort, and this, by ensuring the foundations of a national school in history, he said.

"It is time to set things straight and entrust the writing of history to specialists," he said, reporting, in this respect, "a special research project that defines the concepts and readjusts the terminology used in the writing of history.   

60th anniversary of Independence: UN SG congratulates President Tebboune 03/07/2022



ALGIERS -The Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN), Antonio Guterres sent Saturday a message of congratulations to the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Independence. 


Lamamra in Beirut to partake in Consultative Meeting of Arab Foreign Ministers 01/07/2022

ALGIERS- Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad Ramtane Lamamra arrived Friday in Beirut (Lebanon) to take part in the Consultative Meeting of the Arab Foreign Ministers, the ministry said in a statement.

Algeria ranked 1st in Arab and African plans in 2022 30/06/2022


ALGIERS - Algeria has been ranked first in the Arab and African for the year 2022 in terms of achieving the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), according to an expert report published by Cambridge University Press.

According to the report, reporting on the world ranking of the SDG index for the year 2022, Algeria ranks first in the Arab and continental planes and 64th in the world.

As every year since 2016, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), a network launched in 2012 under the auspices of the Secretary General of the United Nations, has just published its 2022 report on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the world, entitled this year "From crisis to sustainable development: the SDGs as a roadmap for 2030 and beyond".

This 493-page report, written under the direction of the famous American economist Jeffrey Sachs, is the result of joint work by independent experts from the SDSN and the German NGO Bertelsmann Stiftung, created in 1977 and enjoying an international reputation. proven. It is published by Cambridge University Press.

The report's findings indicate that Algeria is on track to achieve SDG4 (education), SDG12 (sustainable consumption and production patterns) and SDG 17 (partnerships for the achievement of the SDGs), and is making notable progress on SDG9 (industry, innovation and infrastructure), SDG13 (climate action), SDG15 (life on land) and SDG16 (peace, justice and strong institutions).

The authors of the report specify that the differences of two or three places in the ranking, which concerns a total of 163 countries, cannot be considered significant.

On the other hand, a difference of ten places or more can indicate a notable variation in terms of the degree of achievement of the SDGs.

In preparing this report, the experts relied on data from official and unofficial sources, two-thirds of which come from the United Nations system and international organizations (World Bank, OECD, WHO, FAO, ILO, UNICEF), while the remaining third comes from household surveys (Oxfam, Reporters Without Borders, Tax Justice Network) as well as specialized international publications.

This document, which is intended to be independent and objective by its authors, has been audited by the Joint Research Center of the European Commission, which has verified the conceptual aspects and the statistical consistency of the Index.

The authors of this study consider that the results of this audit confirm the relevance of the methodology adopted. Globally, the report notes a rather negative general trend, estimating that the world has made no progress for the second year in a row. Peace, diplomacy and international cooperation are, for the authors, fundamental conditions for the world to progress in achieving the SDGs by 2030 and beyond. Likewise, they believe that a global plan for financing the SDGs is necessary.

8th session of Algerian-Egyptian High Joint Commission: Egyptian PM in Algiers 29/06/2022

ALGIERS- Egyptian Prime Minister, Moustafa Madbouli, arrived Wednesday in Algiers to participate in the 8th session of the Algerian-Egyptian High Joint Commission scheduled for Thursday.
[ECR]Madbouli and the delegation accompanying him were received at the International Airport Houari-Boumediene by Prime Minister, Aimene Benabderrahmane, and members of the Government.
Benabderrahmane and his Egyptian counterpart will chair, Thursday, the work of the 8th session of the Algerian-Egyptian High Joint Commission.
The Egyptian Prime Minister went to the Martyr's Memorial (Maqam Echahid) where he laid a wreath of flowers in memory of the martyrs of the glorious Liberation Revolution.
Works of the 4th session of the preparatory committee of the 8th session of the Algerian-Egyptian High Joint Committee were held Tuesday in Algiers, under the chairmanship of Minister of Industry, Ahmed Zeghdar, and Egyptian Minister of International Cooperation, Rania Al-Mashat. [/ECR]



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